Shoe Care

Bob is old school and believes you get what you pay for. Treat your shoes with loving care and they will return the favour many times over. Here are some tips and tricks that we've picked up over the years to help you on your way.

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My leather sandals have lost their original softness. How do I get them back to being soft and supple?

Just like your skin needs regular moisturising to keep it silky, leather footwear appreciates periodic nourishing with a good conditioner like Waproo’s Zorbel.

Winter is coming, and I’m want to make sure that my new leather boots go the distance. What can I do to help protect them against water damage?

Water and leather aren’t the best of friends, but if you give your shoes and boots a liberal coating of a top-notch preserving polish, this can help increase water resistance. Bob is a big fan of Joseph Lyddy’s Dubbin, an excellent polish that has more than 100 years of history. Available in Black and Neutral, this product is best worked into the leather with a firm-bristled polishing brush, such as Waproo’s Kombi Brush.

I love my new suede shoes but I don’t want to muss’ em up by wearing them! How can I protect them?

Golly-gee! That’s an easy one. Spray your new suede, nubuck or fabric shoes with a water and stain protector which will provide a barrier to help reduce scuffing and marks. We sell Waproo Water & Stain Protector which works a treat and will keep your new pair looking swell.

Bob, I messed up and didn’t spray my beautiful new suede shoes like you said I should have! How can I get rid of these marks caused by dancing the night away!?

Never fear, Bob is here! Armed with a bottle of Waproo Suede & Nubuck Fabric Shampoo and a Waproo Suede Conditioning Brush, you should be able to resurrect your shoes to live on and dance another night.

My foot is a little wide and I always have difficulty finding shoes that are not too tight. What can I do?

You might like to try a leather stretch spray that helps to expand any pressure points in your new pair of shoes. Bob stocks Waproo Leather Stretch Spray especially for this purpose.

Taking off my shoes is always so embarrassing because they stink to high heaven! Help me!

Don’t despair, you’re not the only one! Bob recommends giving your shoes access to ample fresh air and sunlight to help kill bacteria that can thrive in a dark shoe closet and produce bad odours. As an added measure, you might like to try a dedicated deodorant for shoes and sneakers, like our Waproo Fresh Foot.

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