Size Guide

Bob wants your new pair to fit like a glove. Take a squiz through the info below to help you pick the right size, or use our handy printable foot sizer to get even more accurate. Hurrah!

Bob stocks a top-notch range of footwear from all around the world, created by different manufacturers using different sizing standards.

We want to make sure you get exactly the right fit, so, before ordering please take a look at the following charts to determine your size.

For the gals, Bob recommends downloading and printing our handy foot sizing guide to check your measurements more accurately.

Please ensure that when printing the size guide, your printer is set at 100% scale - you can check if you’ve done this correctly by measuring the 5cm scale on the document against a ruler.

Women's Sizing

Handy Foot Sizer for Gals


Men's Sizing

Handy Foot Sizer for Guys

Sorry fellas, size does matter!
We just can’t fit your foot on an A4 page.
Please refer to the chart for your size.

Scratching your head?
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